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We are currently meeting for worship in our sanctuary. 

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•   Singing is encouraged.
•   Our services are recorded live with Zoom. 

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Romansville United Methodist Church

Sunday Worship Service
9:00 am

Adult Sunday School
10:00 am​

Pastor: Rev. John Neider

1​​859 W. Strasburg Road, Romansville, PA 19320
Church Office: 610.486.0189 ​

                                                                                             Depths of Love
Lent will begin in February and I invite you to join us this year as we enter into this season of self-reflection and spiritual examination. We don’t do this alone. Walk with us alongside the life of Jesus from the Gospels of Mark and John. I realize that at times it will be a hard road to travel with Jesus. And yet, I believe what we will discover in this journey together of his life and ours, is not condemnation or recrimination. I believe that the farther we go on this journey with him, we will be overwhelmed by the depths of love he has for all of us. Let us once again commit to Christ.

​                            Scripture                                                                Theme
Feb 18               Mark 1:9-15       The heart of Jesus' is to expand our perspective and change our direction.
Feb 25               Mark 8:31-38     Jesus calls us to focus on giving up our lives in order to gain a more abundant life.
March 3             John 2:13-22     Jesus assaults the privilege and power that perpetuate marginalization and oppression.
March 10           John 3:14-21      Let us examine injustice and shine a light on the powers that perpetuate it.
March 17           John 12:20-33    Jesus' bravery in the face of impending death should inspire and challenge us.
Palm Sunday     Mark 11:1-11      We explore our addiction to power instead of sacrificial service.
(March 24)