School - Every Sunday @ 10:30am

Adult Sunday School - Every Sunday after Church 10:30 AM

The Easter Experience - My life has a purpose.

Everyone is welcome!

Bible Study -  

Wednesday Nights (3/13 through 4/17) 
                    starting at 6:30 PM at the Church

Simon Peter—an ordinary fisherman who heard an extraordinary call.
He left everything to follow his teacher and possessed a passion that would
 change the world. That’s one way to describe Peter. Here’s another: poor,
 uneducated, quick-tempered, and full of doubts and fears. Doesn’t even sound like the same man. And that’s the point of Simon Peter, a six-week adult Bible study by Adam 
Hamilton. Peter was just an ordinary guy who heard and followed God’s 
extraordinary call. Discover how you, too, have special gifts, talents, and 
abilities that God can use to make a difference today. 

We will meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm beginning, March 13th through 
Wednesday, April 17th. Food will be provided. Please come and join us for this 
important journey through Lent.