Celebrate God's Presence With Us!

We are currently holding Sunday worship inside our sanctuary. If you choose to join us please wear a mask and sit in the pews designated as open.

We would appreciate if you would adhere to the following rules: 
Face masks must be worn at all times as per Governor Wolfs directive.
Maintain a 6ft distance between your group and other groups.
• Singing is allowed behind your mask.
Refrain from physical greetings (Hugs, Handshakes).

A video of the service will be available later in the day
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Romansville United Methodist Church

Sunday Worship Service*
9:00 am

Adult Sunday School
10:00 am​

Pastor: Rev. John Neider

1​​859 W. Strasburg Road, Romansville, PA 19320
Church Office: 610.486.0189 ​

Gifts of Love
​Our next series begins with Christ's call to love God and love one another, that we especially recognize in the lives of the saints. It continues with the extravagant generosity of the poor widow, whose contribution made a sizable impression on Jesus. Then it offers a compelling view of Christian community in Hebrews, in which all members are responsible for the encouragement and nurturing of one another. Finally, it concludes with the grand vision of Jesus as the king of all creation, whose return and ongoing presence call us to love, courage, and persistence.

Date           Scripture                               Focus
Oct 31        Mark 12:28-34                      We love God and others with our whole selves
Nov 7         Mark 12:38-44                      The widow in her offering gives sacrificially
Nov 14       Heb 10:11-25                         In response to Christ’s sacrificial love, we gather to encourage one another in love.
Nov 21       Rev 1:4b-                               In response to Christ’s sacrificial love, we gather to encourage one another in love.