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We are currently holding Sunday Service outside in the shade at the back of the Cemetery. Please bring your lawn chairs and set them up ensuring you keep 6ft distance from the adjacent groups.​
We would appreciate if you would adhere to the following rules: 
Face masks must be worn at all times as per Governor Wolfs directive.
Maintain a 6ft distance between your group and other groups.
There will be music but singing is not allowed (so please resist the urge to join in)
Refrain from physical greetings (Hugs, Handshakes).

A video of the service will be available later in the day
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Romansville United Methodist Church

Sunday Worship Service*
9:00 am

Adult Sunday School
10:30 am​
(Temporarily Suspended)

After the service downstairs.
Everyone is Welcome!
(Temporarily Suspended)

Pastor: Rev. John Neider

1​​859 W. Strasburg Road, Romansville, PA 19320
Church Office: 610.486.0189 ​

In this fall series, Enemies of Gratitude, we have an opportunity to learn about the things that keep us from being truly grateful. Each week, we’ll see how a misplaced focus—on how things could be or used to be better, how we're not getting what we think we deserve, or simply how life's struggles are keeping us down—prevents us from seeing all the blessings that are right in front of us. Our Scripture selections move between Old and New Testament and we will see how the need for "an attitude of gratitude" is made clear each week.

Sermon Title
Focus Scripture
September 27th
Exodus 17:1-17
Glorifying the past blinds us to present blessings
October 4th
Philippians 4:1-9
It’s not about less stress, but more trust.
October 11th
Matthew 22:1-10
None of us “deserves” the invitation, but we share it anyway.
October 18th
Matthew 22:15-22
Give to God what is God’s.
October 25th
Deuteronomy 34:1-12
Don’t let loss keep you from appreciating the good.